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Anders Peter Andersen
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Pig Advisory Service


LMO assists our customers in increasing their profit and improving daily welfare in pig production, remains unchanged for the last thirty years.


LMO has skilled and experienced advisors on the following 5 primary areas:

  • Management of pig production units with a view to achieving higher efficiency and profit
  • Feed optimizing, feed utilization and benchmark on an expert level
  • Advise and guidance on economical and productional strategies as well as joining board meetings in large organisations as temporary advisors
  • Special focus on management of employees and efficient work plans
  • Design, dimensioning and providing facilities for pig production


We have customers within this branch from countries like: Poland, Latvia, Finland and Ghana. Our advisory service is a full line service for farmers as well as other companies.


Managing pig production units with an aim to obtain higher efficiency and profit

  • Guidelines for the farrowing and reproduction units. Guidelines are discussed and agreed upon with employees through motivation, in order to ensure that guidelines are being followed, also between our visits
  • Making attainable production goals with a view to continuously motivating the staff, using Danish Benchmarks
  • Recording the results as simple and reliable as possible
  • Guidelines for weaners and finishers 7-120 kilos. Guidelines for climate, feed and health
  • Biosecurity to avoid deceases on the farm
  • Depopulation and/eradiation plans for cleaning out deceases.


Feed optimizing, feed utilization and price comparison

  • Better feed usage in weaners and finishers 7-120 kg
  • Optimizing feed recipes
  • Negotiating contracts with feed companies. The right quality at the best price level.
  • Advices about ingredients in the feed
  • Feed mill investments


Operating in large organisations

  • Organisation charts, showing areas of responsibilities and powers
  • Budget processing and follow-ups
  • Temporary advisor at board meetings
  • Investment plans
  • Strategy reports for your company covering 5-10 years. Market analyzes, etc.
  • Study tours to Denmark with visits on Danish farms etc.


Special focus on management of employees and efficient work plans

  • Efficient employee organisation – less hours used on the same tasks
  • Motivation of leaders and employees
  • Use of employee development sessions – what are the strengths and weaknesses of each employee


Designing, dimensioning and equipping facilities for pig production

  • Building at the right ratio between quality and price. Which parts are worth spending money on and which are not?
  • Selecting the right equipment and eventually developing parts
  • Inspections during building process to ensure the right quality


Introduction visit

IIt is our policy not to send any bills before meeting our customers in person, and thus there will no payment prior to our introduction visit, which will instead be invoiced afterwards at 500 Euros per day. Example: Advisor leaves Denmark Tuesday morning, works on your farm Wednesday plus Thursday, and returns Friday evening, cost is 2000 Euro.

The customer pays for transportation, visa costs, meals and accommodation. Quarantine days, if any, will be charged with 200 Euros per day. Maximum is 48 hours (2 days).


Following visits

The customer pays per hour spent on the farm or at the office - nothing else. The price is 130 Euros per hour. The work hours are minimum 8 hours per visit.

Time spent by the advisor on travel or leisure outside working hours (from 8-16) are generally at no extra charge for the customer. However, in case transportation time exceeds more than 12 hours per visit, the customer must pay a start-up fee.

The customer pays for transportation, visa costs, meals and accommodation. Quarantine days, if any, are charged with 200 Euros per day. Maximum is 48 hours (2 days). Subsequent visits are due to 20% prepayment.


Long term partnership

We aim at entering into a long-term partnership with our customers, including regular visits and advise. Before entering such a partnership, terms will, of course, be discussed and agreed upon in writing.



The advisory service at LMO is not owned by or connected to any other companies. The organisation works independently and is 100% owned by Danish farmers.


Cooperation with other advisors

We see the strengths in joining forces. Our goal is to provide the customer with the best possible service and therefore we often recommend a team of different advisors. Professional advisors work together and prevent confusion through dialogue and open discussions. If the advisors do not work together the customer is left with a lot of different opinions and guidelines making it very hard to figure out which parts are the most important.